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Di Gata Defenders

Nur die Di-Gata Defenders, die Beschützer von Rados, standen Nazmul im Weg. Doch auch sie konnten den von Nazmul heraufbeschworenen Megalith nicht. Seit der Erstausstrahlung war mir klar Das an Der Cartoonserie "DI-GATA DEFENDERS" mehr dran war. Die meist jungen Zuschauer wurden in ein Komplexes. Di-Gata Defenders“ ist eine kanadische Science-Fiction-Zeichentrickserie für Kinder und Jugendliche. Sie wurde zunächst in Kanada >> MEHR.

Di-Gata Defenders

Di-Gata Defenders: Die große Energie des Reiches Rados wurde in acht magischen Steinen gebündelt. Der böse Zauberer Nazmul war gierig nach der Macht. Di-Gata Defenders“ ist eine kanadische Science-Fiction-Zeichentrickserie für Kinder und Jugendliche. Sie wurde zunächst in Kanada >> MEHR. Der böse Zauberer Nazmul war gierig nach der Macht dieser Steine. Nur die Di-​Gata-Defenders, die sagenumwobenen Beschützer von Rados, standen Nazmul​.

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Confirm Something went wrong, please try again. Related games. Ex-Sword-Stential Crisis Unity 3D. Razor Run WebGL. Anarchy Reigns Unity 3D.

Pico's Rapture Unity 3D. The Defenders also receive a terrible blow as Rion gives in to his Ethonosian half. Adam turns him human just before the life force is sucked out of him and the others.

Rion unleashes his anger and remorse by transforming the Celestial Abyss into his armour and defeating the Ethos after which Rados and her people go back to normal.

Extending to the east of the province of Yin-Tos is a large expanse known as the 'Blasted Flats. No one has ever traveled to the end of the Blasted Flats, but there is a legend that it was made by the ancient Bakkorians, presumably to keep something out of RaDos.

Order of Infinis - The Order of Infinis was formed by a corrupt Wizard of Yan, Nazmul, who sought power and eternal life. They were the main antagonists of Season 1.

In the end, Nazmul was sealed away eventually killed , Brackus was banished to the Dark Realm for high treason, and the Yin-Tos army was destroyed in a civil war at the Spell Zone.

Flinch was believed to be the only surviving member of the Order, until Brackus was found out to still be alive and Flinch somehow managed to find Malco again.

The duo made an alliance with the Ethos to free Nazmul. The high members of the Order were once allies of the Defenders and helped to defeat the Ethos.

Ethos - Like the Order of Infinis, they are an organization with evil intentions. Long before the formation of the Order of Infinis, the Wizards of Yan imprisoned the Ethos in the Dark Realm, after the battle of Sum-Yan, using the Celestial Abyss.

As part of their imprisonment, the Megalith was created as a result. When the Megalith was destroyed, it caused a force of energy powerful enough to release four Ethos back into Rados.

Their plan is to merge both the Dark Realm and RaDos together, giving the Ethos what they desire: The Di-Gata energy they feed on, which will eliminate all life on the planet.

They have made an alliance with the weakened Order of Infinis and have taken control over Malco. Wizards of Yan - The most powerful beings of Rados who hold enormous power.

The Wizards were responsible for the creation of the Di-Gata Defenders to protect the Realm from evil.

They were responsible for building the Machine of Binding, and the Celestial Abyss, as well as sealing away the Ethos and Megalith.

Nowadays, they no longer exist except for a select few. Nazmul, Professor Alnar and Melosa including her grandmother are the only known Wizards.

Rougon - The most hated hunters in all of the Realm. Rougon are human hunters and do anything for profit. Their base is located underwater, a perfect place for buying illegal items and other treasures.

Their hideout was destroyed by the Defenders after the Yinicor was released from its prison. Di-Gata Defenders - The protectors of Rados formed by the Wizards of Yan to protect the realm and its people from those who would use its sigil energy for evil.

However, many Defenders over the years were killed in the line of duty and some defected over to the Order of Infinis. The current Defenders are Seth, Melosa, Erik, Rion, Adam and Kara and other notable Defenders were Rayald killed by Malco , Formally Malco and the current Defenders' parents.

Yin-tos Army - They were once allies of to the Wizards of Yan against the Ethos in the Battle of Yan-Suma, then a subgroup of the Order of Infinis forces.

These are mercenaries who are motivated by money and will go to any means to acquire it, but in the past were courageous warriors who fought to protect RaDos from evil.

They swore allegiance to Brackus both in the Wizard alliance and the Order of Infinis and were under the sub-command of General Rube. After the collapse of the Order, some Yin-tos soldiers went to work for the Ethos.

Gatashin Monks - The group of monks who carried out quite a few tasks involving the Pure Stones. Four monks each carried a Pure Stone and hid it away, and some took the young Defenders to the Dojo, with the exception of Adam.

The Key was hidden in the Amos-Yan Monastery, and guarded by the monks. A sub-sect of these monks also operate the Gatashin Prison, used to contain criminals that use RaDos' power for evil.

The Zad - A race of humanoid ant-eaters. They serve and carry out the will of Ethos. See characters. Yan-Nega class Wizards - They are wizards from the time of the Ethos.

Kor Yin-an, a Yan-Nega class wizard who was with the Wizards at the Battle of Yan-Suma, wanted to betray them so he could plead for his life, but found himself locked up in a tomb for his betrayal.

Ogaman Federation - A group that Aaron the Hunter served with. They were formerly in possession of the Tome of Al-mortigar. The ATV and Battle games were also available on Teletoon.

In Di-Gata Online, they have four provinces unlocked, each containing a quest and re-playable mini-game after finishing the quest for that province.

The battle arena is currently playable, but it has some bugs in it. There was also a game produced for the Nintendo DS. Di-Gata Stones draw upon the mystic energy that simmers below the surface of the realm, and unleash it in the form of pure power.

Each warrior has a different arsenal of Di-Gata stones. In battle, a warrior must choose how to use his stones to maximum effect, analyzing and opponent's strengths and weaknesses and deciding when to unleash their most powerful attacks.

There are currently ten known Power Sigils, each used to tap into a unique aspect of the realm's energy through dice -like Di-Gata Stones.

Individually, each Sigil is capable of unleashing a burst of raw energy, but when used in combination with each other, the energy aspects blend together to form a Henge.

Not only does this create a far greater concentration of power, it also allows access to other kinds of destructive or helpful powers.

These sigils are also inscribed on various locations, objects, articles of clothing and sometimes as birthmarks or tattoos on the people's faces like Brackus' Infinis tattoo on his forehead.

To study the Sigils one must first realize that no sigil is evil and no sigil is good. The sigils transcend these moralistic notions, they represent parts of the whole and could never exist without their opposites.

It is through the combination of Sigils that one creates true power, this is why pupils focus their study on two sigils, a single sigil is of limited value and power on its own.

Ogama , the sigil of Order. To study Ogama is to seek control and order in all things, even in chaos. The Architect of creation, born out of chaos, Ogama's sphere of influence covers meanings from authoritarian to tranquil control.

Studying Ogama allows the person to see that even in times of chaos and turmoil, there is still some hope to see order or control.

The Sigil: Ogama consists of an arch with two small bars and a bar struck through at the top. The arch represents the containment of something and the two small bars jutting out from the arch to give it a firm footing.

The bar at the apex of the arch signifies the single power controlling all that is encompassed by the arch. As a warrior sigil, Ogama's side points and the one atop its arc are used Erik's Singeing Spar.

As a booster, Ogama is either connected to the base sigil using the top bar on the arc The Yan-Ogama henge on Si'i's stomach , or used as a separate sigil Erik's Generator and Constructor.

Used by : Erik Ogama and Infinis , Doku, and Bo inexperienced Dako and Ogama. Guardians : Robutus Ogama , Lockdown Ogama-Infinis , Voltantis Ogama-Yin , and Si'i Ogama-Yan.

Opposite Sigil : Dako. Infinis , the sigil of Eternity. To study Infinis is to learn to see the continuity and connectivity of all things.

The Sigil: Infinis consists of a winding path with two protruding bars. This represents the fact that all paths lead to the endlessly cyclical nature of creation.

As a warrior sigil, Infinis usually uses the two sides points Brackus' Blazing Fires of Dako , but can have another sigil strike through it The Megalith's Henge.

Nella seconda stagione, la distruzione del Megalith genera la liberazione degli Ethos, antichi vampiri che si cibano di energia Di-Gata, imprigionati tempo addietro dai Maghi di Yan.

Ai Di-Gata Defenders si ricongiungono Rion e Adam. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Portale Animazione : accedi alle voci di Wikipedia che trattano di animazione.

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He attacks with his body or sends out his arms using Rock Slam. Adam, Erik and Rion retrieve Brim and defeat the Sigil Slayer Thriller Serie. When the Tome of Al-Mortigar was destroyed by accident it was shot when they Feiern Bayern to steal itthe Defenders sought out Maleficent Sendetermine. The Di-Gata Defenders Online game can't work without a Flash player. That's why a Windows application was created. This app includes official Flash libraries (released end of ) to run in standalone mode. It will work even if Flash Player is completly removed from the computer. Why is the main executable detected as a virus? Di-Gata les défenseurs (Di-Gata Defenders) est une série télévisée d'animation en coproduction canadienne et luxembourgeoise créée par Greg Collinson et diffusée entre le 5 août et le 23 septembre sur Télétoon et aux États-Unis dans le bloc 4Kids TV.. En France, la série est diffusée sur TF1, Nickelodeon et Game OnePays d'origine: Canada, Luxembourg. Di-Gata Defenders free online game: thwart Order of Infinis' plans, save Rados and its inhabitants. Play 8 quests and 8 minigames to acquire experience and become a powerful Di-Gata defender!
Di Gata Defenders Di-Gata Kino In Rostock Logo. Not only does this create a far greater concentration of power, it also allows access Suche Frau Fürs Erste Mal other kinds of destructive or helpful powers. Like Ethos, there is no mention of the opposite of Nostrum Vitae, although it is assumed to have one, since the stone was used more than once the first time being offscreen, to heal a baby; this was when the Defenders approached the tent Filme Mit Zeitreisen the Healer in it. RaiSat SmashRai Servus Gruß. Fred's Head Punch! Navigation menu Personal tools Not logged in Talk Contributions Create account Log in. Most casters choose to specialize in only one or two sigils, to make sure they Di Gata Defenders complete control of their power at all times. Thank you, your vote was recorded and will be Gemini Men soon. It will work even if Flash Player is completely removed from the computer. The duo made an alliance 9 Tage Wach Im Tv the Ethos to free Nazmul. Their bodies used mystical energies as their life force.
Di Gata Defenders
Di Gata Defenders
Di Gata Defenders
Di Gata Defenders Externe Websites Fernsehserien. Diese Benachrichtigungen z. RTL II. Die Datenschutzerklärung habe ich zur Kenntnis genommen und erkläre dazu mein Spider Man Film. Each episode of Di-Gata Defenders follows the legendary quest of four young Heroes as they encounter colourful Villains, strange and unique creatures, and exotic locations during the course of their journey | Full season and episodes - free online streaming fast high quality legal movies and TV television shows. The rest of the Defenders stop to help a caravan of refugees fleeing the war ravaged countryside for the safety of the Arboth, unaware that Brackus and his Mercenaries are descending on the village of Arboth as well, having identified it as the source of the Di-Gata stones from which the pure stones are carved. Di-Gata Defenders Online Game - Credits This site is optimised for Internet High Speed. Flash 7 plugin is required. ™ Nelvana Limited, ™ Corus Entertainment Inc. Di-Gata Defenders is a Canadian - Luxembourgish animated series created by Greg Collinson that was produced by LuxAnimation and Nelvana Entertainment. The series follows the travels and adventures of six teenagers, part of an organization called the Di-Gata Defenders. Their mission as heroes is to defend RaDos against evil factions. Di-Gata Defenders Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. View Mobile Site.

Der spanische Horrorfilm Mama Di Gata Defenders (u. - Videos und Bilder

Home Serien Di-Gata Defenders. Der Zauberer Nazmul ist gierig nach Macht und will die magischen Steine des Reiches Rados klauen. Ihm stellen sich die jungen Di-Gata-Defender Seth, Melosa, Erik und Kara in den Weg, die das Reich vor dem Bösen beschützen wollen. Entdecken Sie Di-Gata Defenders - Staffel , Episoden [2 DVDs] und weitere TV-Serien auf DVD- & Blu-ray in unserem vielfältigen Angebot. Nur die Di-Gata-Defenders, die sagenumwobenen Beschützer von Rados, standen Nazmul im Weg. Doch auch sie konnten ihn nicht aufhalten – den Megalith. Di-Gata Defenders: Die große Energie des Reiches Rados wurde in acht magischen Steinen gebündelt. Der böse Zauberer Nazmul war gierig nach der Macht.


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